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Working Women’s Hostel | Architectural Sheets

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 84
  (@eenaameenaadeekaa )
COLLEGE: Pillai’s College of Architecture, New Panvel
YEAR OF STUDYING : Pillai’s College of Architecture, New Panvel
CATEGORY: Residential
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

The thesis proposes a hostel for working women who can have access to a better way of living. It focuses on providing women from various fields of work and life a better lifestyle option.
It is a space where women can enjoy living their life after and before the daily work routine.A hostel is a space where a person irrespective of age and gender finds a sense of belonging by staying with people from various places with diverse minds, the person starts understanding a whole new”self” as he/she is at a distance from their family and the feelings of freedom and responsibility curb in.
There are so many stories that one can get out of hostel diaries, that designing spaces for stories become a vital part of this thesis ,as a person when goes down the memory lane the person is first reminded of the space and then of the time. A space makes a deep impact on our thinking and that is what this thesis is all about. A hostel for working women, so that they could live their own story with freedom and love. It focuses on how spaces can help heal as well as improve a working woman’s life.
A working women’s hostel is a CSR project/government scheme for women,which requires the project to be cost efficient.
The project includes :
1. Working women’s Hostel
2. Day care center
3. We work office
4. Public Open Space + Retail store.
No. 2,3&4 helps the hostel is revenue generation as well as helps the women staying in the hostel to have office working spaces and spaces where they can have their kids at safety.
The project aims at making a site MULTI-FUNCTIONAL as the urban fabric today requires multiple activities in one site.