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Visitor Center At Orchha – A Multicultural Tourist hub

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 66
PROJECT BY: Ar. Jayshree Muchhal
  (@jayshree0210 )
COLLEGE: School Of Architecture IPS Academy
EXPERIENCE : Practicing Architect
CATEGORY: Recreational
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

Visitor Centre is comprises of two words visitor and centre. Visitor means someone who comes to visit a place or a person, and the word visitor comes from the word visit, which means to go and spend time in a place or with someone, especially for pleasure or interest. Centre means the middle of a space, area, or object; especially the exact middle / a place or building that is used for a particular purpose or activity. With this definition we can infer that a Visitor Centre is a place or building used for the purpose of spending time for pleasure or interest. Additionally, a visitor centre is a sight for information too. Thus, it is more of a place where a person learns and gathers knowledge about the local culture, history & places of interest. Visitor centre on various heritage sites will play an important role in educating the travellers about the values and at the same time experience to see it in reality. This can be done not only through showing pictures in panels and museums but also through other mediums such as interpretation centre and experimental spaces. Why orchha? Orchha falls under a typical category of landform which is undulating in nature and has rich heritage monuments which provide physical evidence of its existence and are protected by the Department of State Archaeology. The town carries on a dialogue with the historic monuments, temples, River Betwa, and the forests beyond. Its heritage is inextricably bound up with its cultural landscape of riverfront, gardens, plazas, monuments and the urban fabric.

It is necessary that these spaces be treated as an integrated entity for it to be conserved and managed and at the same time the essence of the city is to be maintained by creating awareness through the visitor centre. On an average 10,000 tourist visit per month , with the maximum tourist flow between October and March. Foreign tourists usually spend a day in Orchha on their way to Khajuraho. From November 2008 to October 2009, 1, 37,091 tourists visited Orchha, 30% of whom came from outside India. The selection of the site is supporting the conceptual idea of the project as the aim is to understand the unique characteristics of orchha i.e. the man-made, cultural and natural heritage and identifying its rich, diverse, heritage values ,thereby educating the tourist and preserving the varied values.
Physical aspect of the site and its context:
i. Natural parameters
ii. Man-made features