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Urban node – Connection of urban and landscape structures in west Griffintown | Architecture Thesis

PROJECT BY: Laurie Desmarais
AREA: 0 to 10 acres
CATEGORY: Urban Design
Type: Architecture Thesis

Urban node – Third place resulting from the connection of urban and landscape structures in west Griffintown.Although it is currently a problematic point in the urban fabric of Griffintown in Montreal, the selected site has enormous potential to connect the city to water due to its strategic position and the presence of the Arsenal, an old hangar of the Augustin Cantin shipyard rehabilitated as a private exhibition center for contemporary art.The project initiates a local dynamic by offering this building to the community by creating an intermediary place between work and home welcoming a multitude of activities which coexist and contribute to the development of a living community with the aim of promoting creativity, initiative and meetings : art exhibition, event hall, rental spaces, etc. The new program takes advantage of the oversizing of the existing structure and the interior spaces highlight the industrial past of the Arsenal.An exterior passage crosses the building so as to directly connect rue Notre-Dame to the Lachine Canal. The passage offers a unique experience that varies with the seasons with a strategy of “creative placemaking”. Art is exploited as a tool for creating places which allows to open up the activities of the Arsenal, animate the surrounding public spaces, improve public security and encourage citizen participation.

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