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PROJECT BY : Shree Yogalakkumi .G ( @yoga_ganeshkumar )
COLLEGE NAME : Chennai Academy Of Architecture and Design – CAAD ( INDIA)

Site Area: 4.2 ACRES
Year Of Studying / Experience : 5th Year
CATEGORY : Urban Design
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

THEERA ULLA Every city has a plethora of stories waiting to be told –untold tales and undiscovered trails of a million people that highlight forgotten nuances of city life. The city is a complex thing, and the more we learn about it the more we are questioned. Every city has a story to tell, which left behind not only city’s paradigm but art, culture, and architecture may tell us. These stories are evidence of a complex relationship between people and place and ultimately contribute to the “identity” of a city.

Each person perceives the city differently and forms one’s narrative, uniquely shaped by cultural, human contexts and the social milieu. THEERA ULLA aims to bridge the void of the place where it left behind and also to understand, the essentially intangible aspects of community life in urban places. To create a space which can form the node for holding and experiencing the commercial cultural and social activities. The possibility for a place of culture: a place to reflect, celebrate and contemplate the cultural values of the people, in urban community. To create an urban scope that inserts itself within an everyday different reality of the city outside.