The Paradox Land: ELIE SAAB Fondationn | Architecture Thesis

COLLEGE: Lebanese university,
PLACE: Lebanon – France
AREA: 50 to 100 acres
CATEGORY: foundation- museum

The Foundation is one of the Architectural Images that is distinguished by the originality of its Signature: it is not a museum or an art center, it is an original space where the spirit reigns, it is an “active masterpiece”, “a dialogue of culture” and “a Chaos of symphony”. Its ambition is to make every individual in society live a special and very unique moment, a surprise for each visit depending on the city in which it is located. It took the fundamental relationship between architecture and fashion to a very significant new level: it was an architectural scene representing the world of fashion. MY project is an illustration of the path that Elie SAAB took during his journey of fame that was filled with ups and down. Beyond the image and the message, the architecture of the project will translate this unique signature towards the third architectural dimension in order to promote and experiment the universe of ELIE SAAB. This foundation will be a landmark built in Clemenceau, carrier identity of the chosen brand (symmetry / asymmetry, proportion / non-proportion, femininity / masculinity, casting / rigid) and the materiality of Image. It is the hidden face of architecture: between what we perceive consciously and what we feel unconsciously, a dialogue is established instantaneously between the work and the receiver, which induces a consciously wanted or unconsciously induced message by the artist .There is a The juxtaposition of 12 volumes in this building, each with their multi-faceted abstract composition, translates an iconic phase / stimulus during the diffusion of the mark (1982-2019- ….). This is a predominantly deconstructionism movement, rejecting linearity and proposing orderly and clearly legible chaos inside and out and creating a dialogue between the building and its environment and between the work and the environment receiver. أكثر من مئة قصة لبنانية تحبكُ “خيط الأمل” #خيط_الأمل ما بينقطع لأنو محبوك بخيوط شباب وصبايا لبنانيي مليانين إرادة وطموح وتحدي. كل لبناني تمسك بالبلد هو خيط أمل لمستقبل لبنان”_ ايلي صعب. In the end, I wanted for the meaning of his big message fill of hope and determination to be timeless by architecture and not limited through the date and time.