The Light Catcher – RTIST Designer’s Centre | Master’s Architecture Sheets

PROJECT BY:  Khasrul Hanif Hazirin
COLLEGE:  University Technology Malaysia
COUNTRY: Malaysia
AREA: 0 to 10 acres
YEAR OF STUDYING : 2nd Year Master’s
CATEGORY:  Commercial
PROJECT TYPE: Studio design Architecture sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

‘The Light Catcher’ is a terms given for a system for daylight harvesting to allow natural lighting into the building by using passive design strategy for daylit office environment. The idea of having a daylit office is because of numerous benefits of daylight in terms of human health, architecture, productivity of the users, and the environmental issue in the building.

The Light Catcher is a 12 storey coworking office which each floor is determined by the amount of illuminance required, and floor area needed based on types of designers that the client, RTIST, is providing. The office is designed for a fully daylit environment, and interactive sharing spaces for the whole building equivalent to the concept of openness applied in the building. Hence, the Light Catcher – RTIST Designer Centre providing a fully daylit office with an interactive facility for designers and clients concurrently with the idea of energy saving in the building.

What Khasrul Hanif feel about Archipedia!

It’s a good platform to showcase student’s work! We had too many websites that shows only professional architect’s works. Now we need more of this kind of website to give exposure and also as reference to our future generations!