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Site specific structure – ” MM .003″ | ARCHITECTURAL SHEETS

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 119
PROJECT BY: Kate Pikovich (@x074.0 (IG art page) @thatsme_kate (IG and Facebook personal) )
EXPERIENCE : Practicing Architect
CATEGORY : Urban Design
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

A “MM .003” structure is inspired by the Montserrat mountain range and gothic architecture. This project took me 7 months to make and finalise, and I have now purpose my idea of placing it to the government. I have wanted to demonstrate a vivid contrast between two architectural styles (gothic and modern futuristic) in order to emphasise the beauty of the surrounding place which is really significant to the Spanish people due to its enormous history. In the sculpture, I have tried bringing all different aspects of the place together into one united image. The piece I have submitted is sort of a mood board that demonstrates all the different ideas behind the “MM .003” structure and shows previews of how it will appear in real life. I wanted to make it a moving structure, allowing it to be placed in a different area later but still convey the idea and a feel of a Montserrat mountain.