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Single-family house | Architecture Project

ARCHITECTURE PROJECT BY: Magdalena Ciecierska (@magdalenaciecierska [IG] )
COLLEGE – Polska
YEAR – 1st Year Master’s
CATEGORY: Residential

The subject of this thesis is a single-family detached house, designed for a 2+2 family model. The house is being designed on a building lot located in the north-eastern part of Bialystok. The lot is a 0.413ha rectangle bordered by a forest on its eastern and southern sides.

The main aim of the thesis was to design a modern, spacious house which would benefit from the attractive location of the lot in the vicinity of forest areas. The designed house is a simple, geometric figure, with 2 floors and a flat roof. The shape is based on a projection of three rectangles combined with each other.

Each of them designates a different zone of the house. In order to make the house design more attractive, horizontal and vertical divisions and large glazings have been introduced. The main material of the facades is concrete, which is combined with grey-toned wooden elements.

The entire composition is underscored by dark window joinery. The designed house has a clear division into three main zones: daytime, work and private/night-time. The usable floor space is 365.88 m2 .