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Searching for public space: A small chapel in the city | Architectural Sheets

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 135
PROJECT BY: Lountzis Georgios – Dionysios and Nikolaidi Galini (@glountzis and @gal__nikol on instagram And George Lountzis and Γαλήνη Νικολ on Facebook )
COLLEGE: Technical University of Crete
YEAR OF STUDYING : 5th Year Bachelors
CATEGORY : Urban Design
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

The study area is located southwest of the Venetian fortifications of the old city of Chania and is a focal point between the old and the new city. The aim of the project is to create a network of public spaces redefining the entrance from the new to the old city and in reverse. Thus, it is proposed to build a bridge with the aim of continuing the moat and restoring the continuity of the city so that the bastion Lando functions as a joint and not as a perceptual limit. In addition, the entrance of the school is redesigned and nodes – plateaus are created that channel you to a flowing public space. In bastion Lando we decided to place an underground space. It is about a chapel that is not dedicated to any particular religion, it is essentially a sanctuary where visitors come for meditation, prayer and contemplation. The design is based on a path that gradually leads from shadow to light, offering a range of atmospheres. The parallel walls of the entrance procession maintain a distant connection with the tomb of Atreus in Mycenae. In the central area, the use of water in combination with the light magnetizes the visitor in order to create a spiritual map until it reaches the end and to be rewarded by what he will discover. In essence, the infinite reflection of light in water signals a memory that has no limits. The project respects the historic palimpsest of the area, seeking mild forms of design and completion of the walls.
<< … The circle is related to the god: A simple circle from ancient times represented eternity, since it has neither a beginning nor an end >>
Bruno Munari