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Riverside Restaurant Design – Meet and Melt Restaurant | Architectural Sheets

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 34
PROJECT BY:  Sas (@sas3plus_architecture [IG])
YEAR OF STUDYING : 5th Year Bachelors
CATEGORY:  Commercial
PROJECT TYPE: Thesis Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

DESIGN: The main challenge was to work with the landform and the changing water level. So first, we tried to play with the landform and design a space in such a way that even if the water level rises, the activities happening in the Hotel would not be disturbed. And then Secondly, we though of having a structure which could expand and contract with the water level changing simultaneously. Inspired from the concept of hydraulic columns used in stack parkings which can hold a truck of heavy weight we tried to catch this thinking in our design. So, we analysed the principles of Hydraulic column and the hydraulic columns used in the stack parking spaces. So, we designed three blocks placed in a triangular manner supported with three solid stone masonary blocks which resembled the iconic “buruj” of the Shaniwar Wada Entrance gate. This solid blocks were made water proof and water resistant for all kind of water challenges as the Hotel services were based in that block. A MS Steel spiral staircase was designed in middle of this triangle for vertical connectivity. Now, the working of hydraulic column was done in such a way that the each block had 4 columns i.e two columns attached to the solid block and one supporting the centre. The two central columns were coated with water resistant materials. The hotel Block was designed as a hole one aluminium base structure with no joints and it was weighted as equal to a truck which can be lifted by the hydraulic columns. So, whenever the water level reaches the maximum level, the structure would get contracted i.e the hydraulic columns may come into use and when the water level is below the structure can expand to the fullest. Surrounding Areas- The existing trees were retained as it. The site boundary from at the river side was curved in such a way that water could flow continuously without any blockage for water to flow. Apart from the Restaurant block, sitting was provided at the entry portion with a small 20sq.m shop and a recreational besides the restaurant. The Parking area was made under the Existing Bridge and the parking level was lifted up to the maximum level were water do not accommodate by adding a slab. Below this slab we created an amphitheatre were people can have performances. While having a site visit we observed that there were many birds accommodation in a gap under the bridge, so we created a 2.5m radius MS Steel mesh spreaded over the site and created a creeper above it so that the birds could accommodate in that planted space. Thus, we got to spaces (vertically) one for the humans below and for the birds above.

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