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PROJECT BY: Phung Thanh Huyen
COLLEGE: The University of Adelaide
COUNTRY: Vietnam
AREA: 0 to 10 acres
Year Of Studying : 1st Year
CATEGORY: Landscape

In response to the master plan of Cleland Conservation Park, I proposed to redesign the Mallee Aviary as a further improvement from the initial design with the intention to achieve the Cleland’s objectives: Conserve – where these native birds can be preserved; Learn – visitors learn more about them and native plants; Engage – observe their behaviors and habitat in overall. The concept design is derived from the image of a Regent Honeyeater spreading its wings towards the entrance of Cleland Wildlife Park, this represented the circulation of the visitors in which they moved from the top north west and through the aviary to the south exit. In regards to the materials, the bridge handrail and path is made out of carbon steel and reinforced concrete respectively. Near the Frogmouth’s centre information, there is a timber seat available for visitors to sit down and observe the species. The dome is comprised of bird net attached to multiple timbers jointed together to create a honeycomb pattern. This allows both living things to grow and expose to the Australian climate since they are all natives. Visitors will be greeted by the Rainbow Lorikeet at the entrance as they are a loud and cheerful birds; then the quietness of Frogmouth on the left and the gossip by the Princess Parrot on the right; near the end of the journey, the visitor will get to observe and feed Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot. Throughout this journey, it is not only just the birds that play the major role, but also a forest full of unique native plants.

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I am grateful for what you guys have done so far. Reach out to everyone to help further extending the field of Architecture, plus, grow the industry through the use of media. Keep up the good work guys!! You guys are helping young architects get recognized and i cant stress this enough.