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Residence | Architectural Sheets

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 138
PROJECT BY: Devansh shah
COLLEGE: SCET faculty of architecture
YEAR OF STUDYING : 2nd Year Bachelors
CATEGORY : Residential
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

The Transverse II Two Parallels and One Line
It all started from the lithograph of MC Escher and his eternal staircase, taking his non-euclidean geometry and my idea of space enforced by my studio constraints. The abstractness of the concept ‘A staircase that transcends right through a building, weaves the building mass together and generates space on its way through the space started distilling into its functional counterparts. You may take a very unthinkable space and a non functional diagram. and still reach a final stage where the analogy between the apparatus and the prototype will cease to apply. The project is named transverse because lines of circulation cut the building into parts of a whole. The whole structure that is weaved around a staircases and drawbridges, developing an Introverted triple height lookout. The balconies instead of being on the exterior, are in the interior overlooking the central space. Due to the various connects between the exterior and interior, It lightens the burden from the vertical nature of the triple height. The exterior establishes sub terraces on 3 levels, each getting smaller as you move up. The 4×3 grid keeps the whole space modular and acts as a perfect fit for the functions. The section shows how the entire building block when shifts from the left or the right edge towards the central vista, combines into one volume