Architectural visualization is the art of creating two-dimensional, three-dimensional images and videos showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design. 3D rendering and architectural visualization software enables architects and designers to evaluate “proportions” and “scales” using intuitive interactive 3D modelling and simulate the effects of lighting, ventilation and acoustics in internal environments. Visualization has always been a painstaking process, with architects, artists, designers and students of all disciplines spending countless hours making their presentations as realistic and attractive as they could. 

Architecture Visualization plays the major role in current day scenario to attract clients and make them understand the design intent. In this process many architects and designers are struggling to find the quality visualizer at reasonable price to outsource their work. and Archipedia also finds a lot of students and practising visualizer’s keep on posting and requesting for projects in various social media. Hence to bridge the gap between demand and supply of Architectural visualization service, Archipedia presence the new RenderPro.    


Step 1: RenderPro team will fix the price for the project based on client requirements and mail you the quote along with the pdf file of the project for your confirmation.

Step 2: Your should verify the project and the quote. If you are ready to work and complete the project on time as timing framed in quote, You should reply ”PROJECT ACCEPTED” to the confirmation mail. 

Step 3: The main source file will be sent to your registered mail ID and you can start working on it.

Step 4: Work Progress should be send us a screenshot for every 12 Hours. If required, team renderpro will request you for 3d Model and you should send the file.

Step 5: After modeling part  is completed you should send the model files. That model will be shown to clients and if there are any revisions we’ll let you know and you have to make the revisions and then only you can start proceed to renderning (Maximum 3 revision within the cost mentioned in the quote).

Step 6: After final rendering you should send all the model files related to the assigned project along with the final renders.

Step 7: You will receive your payment within 5 working days from the date of final submission. 

Terms and conditions to join and work with us!

  1. You can work from home or from your office
  2. All the files you visualize are stay as property of renderpro and all relevant models and files should be submitted at the time of final submission.
  3. Project Payment will be transferred within five working days from the date of submission.
  4. Project value and the quote will be finalized by renderpro team, based on the project scale and design intent requested by the clients.
  5. The renderpro will take 20% of the total cost as a service charge and the rest 80% will be transferred to your account. 
  6. Quote will be sent to you for confirmation before every project order, If you are ok with that price you can give confirmation and than renderpro team will send you the source files. 
  7. If required you should provide us with a minimum of 3 revisions in this cost and there will be extra pay for more than 4 revisions.
  8. Renderpro try to ensure that you will receive a minimum of 2 projects every month and the number of projects will be increased based on your quality and time.
  9. There should not be any watermark or your name or contact number be provided in the rendering.
  10. You should not publish any of projects assigned to you by renderpro in any of the social media for self promotion. 
  11. All the conversations related to design and revisions are only through Email. 

List of things to be ready before filling the form!

  1.  Your Portfolio
  2.  Your Government ID proof.  (For Students: You can provide college ID card instead of government proof )
  3.  Your Walkthrough link(optional)

Registration Form Link: