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Reinvigorating of Urban voids | Architecture Sheets

PROJECT BY : Murali Dharan.M.S ( @murali_dharan_m_s )
COLLEGE NAME : CAAD-Chennai Academy of Architecture and Design
CATEGORY : Urban Design
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

The urban life is changing so fast and drastically. Open and green spaces have become increasingly congested in urban context due to urbanization. As more as the country’s population grows, it damages the social problems. Urban resources have extended and resulted in overcrowding, pollution, poor infrastructure and substandard living. Degrading environment, devoid spaces, no longer social cultural activities existed. Nowadays the land cost exploiting the activities economically, Public access space is one of factors determine that livability of a city. Congested open space and expensive open lands are the main reasons for less public space. That there is a need for quality public spaces for improved livable conditions and enhanced productivity of cities. The development seeks to create balanced lifestyles with vibrant mixed uses that encourage the sensible environment. There are numerable “urban Voids “in between building, corners, etc. and it can be used productively such as for public gathering places with enormous activity, an enclosed space, further one step in green open space in edge of the waterfront or canal banks to get people involved. The urban fabric becomes disjointed, creating pockets of active, vibrant areas interspersed with ‘dead’ or ‘negative’ holes. These spaces have the capability to enhance and strengthen the public realm. The paper also points out the causes for developing these urban voids and their effect on the urban social structure, provides a method for defining and evaluating the forms of urban voids present in Chennai in order to pave the groundwork for formulating strategies for their usage.

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