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Redeveloping urban area | Urban Design Sheets

URBAN DESIGN SHEETS BY: Esra AL-kamel ( @esraalkamel [IG] , @EsraAlkamel [FB] )
COLLEGE – Faculty Of Architecture Ibb-Univercity ( Yemen )
YEAR – 5th Year
CATEGORY: Urban Design
SITE AREA: Yemen/ibb/mafraq maitam

The project was about redeveloping an urban area and creating solutions to it’s urban problems. the site area has a Fertile land and a river gets full every summer because it is a rainy season there . but unfortunately there is no one care about that. so the redesign was based on sustainable strategies . it contains a market and a park . the market is designed in a way that controls people movement ,wind path ,shadows ,smell and crowd noise . the buildings were modified in a simple way that fits the local architecture . the concept of the elevations was inspired by the texture of the plant’s leave.;