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Re-Exploring School campus in Urban Quad.

NAME: Ketan Tukaram Goriwale (@ketangoriwale [IG] )
COLLEGE – Pillai HOC College Of Architecture. (India)
YEAR – 3rd Year B arch
CATEGORY: Institutional

To design a Higher Secondary School with required infrastructure along with necessary amenities and services. Study about the site context set in urban area in order to improve the overall spatial quality with effective design strategies, construction, services, sustainable and climate orientation to make design more sustainable yet functional.

The main goal of designing a Campus and School / Hostel to focus on better learning environments for thoughtfulness. Design should be well rounded with multi faceted or innovative classrooms vocational training areas and ancillary spaces or recreational spaces to inculcate creative thinking and skill development.

School campus sited at sector 15, CBD Belapur. It is new home to colleges as well as tech business.