House Design in Riehen | by Reuter Raeber Architects

Residence facade design minimalist facade

Project Architects: reuter raeber architects
Project Area: 240 M.Sq
Year of Built: 2016
Location: Riehen, Switzerland
Spaces: Living room, Bed rooms, Dinning, Kitchen.
Photography by: Eik Frenzel

This house in riehen, Switzerland is designed by reuter raeber architects in 2016. This house design plays a difference in levels. And the useage of material is minimalistic and warm. This project is fully maid using Concrete, wood, Glass and metal panels. This House is design in the contour site. Because of this the Ground floor on this project is constructed with Concrete and the upper floor is made up of wooden panels

Residence facade design minimalist facade

Reuter Raeber Architects design this house as a combination of concrete and wood makes building quite interesting! There is a nice connection between Interior and Exterior. The glasses used in the façade makes the sun light to enter into the foyer and living room. The Circulation of Natural air and light gives the nice ambiance in the interior.

This Project can be also be named as a concrete house because, the walls are made full of concrete and it also acts a shear wall. The Wooden finish is used in doors and soffits. The natural landscape is maintained and green plants add more beauty to the building. The combination of Concrete, Black and white colors in facade make this building look Minimal and interesting.

congrats to Reuter Raeber Architects