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Outdoor Wellness Center

PROJECT BY:  Ximena Alayo Reyes
COLLEGE:  Savannah College of Art and Design
COUNTRY:  United States
AREA: 0 to 10 acres
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

Architecture Design Studio I: Outdoor Wellness Center. The design is based on the relation of architecture and wellness in the community and the goal of the project is to offer public leisure environments that would help reduce the common struggle of chronic stress while breaking boundaries between communities. At the same time, the design preserves the historic masonry walls that remain on the site from the old Savannah train station. This reduces resources, waste and material consumption and at the same time, the brick walls serve as a thermal mass for passive heating and cooling. In addition, the interwoven structure emphasizes the contrast between traditional and innovative while maintaining the essence of the existing structure and celebrating the history of Savannah. The shape of the building is meant to break the orthogonality of the existing structure to create dynamic outdoor spaces that connect with nature and at the same time create shade for passive cooling and openings for natural ventilation and natural light. Additionally, the slope of the curved ramp is 1 to 12 with 5-foot-long landings, following the ADA requirements, which makes the building experience accessible for all people including people with disabilities. The architecture is meant to translate as experiential art that people can be part of rather than being surrounded by. The spaces of the building are divided into passive and active leisure connected to the different types of wellness, which are physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, and environmental. The program of the building is composed of different environments that are connected to these values promoting stimulating artistic actives, art displaying, reading, gathering, meditation, resting, and exercise.

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