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Nisarg villa (residence) | Architectural Sheets

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 105
PROJECT BY: Mukesh Verma  (@the_blue_blood_0 )
COLLEGE: Malaviya national institute of technology, Jaipur, rajasthan, India
 Year Bachelors
CATEGORY : Residential
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

Issue to be addressed
The present pandemic situation that forced us all to seclude into the confinements of our house made us realize how a lack of proper space planning leads to feelings of depression and loneliness.
Design Concept:
• Keeping in mind the rejuvenating effect that greenery, light and airy spaces has on our minds, the concept of establishing a ‘connect with nature’ has dictated this design.
• To maximize openness and flexibility of activities in the space. Number of occupants: This house has been designed for a family of five, including grandparents, parents and a child.

Site Location : Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India Climate of Kolkata:
• Warm and humid climate • Maximum summer temperature: 40°C
• Pleasant winter with minimum temperature avg. 12°C
Climatological considerations:
• To shield the direct sunlight from the south, placement of service areas and artificially ventilated spaces in that direction.
• The western portion which generally remains hot during later half of the day has been kept cool by providing courtyard and perforated clay brick screen wall.
• The family gathering space and library has been placed such that it receives favorable north light. Materials:
• Steel columns:
o Maximize space flexibility as it can be placed at greater spans.
o High scrap value
• Fly-ash bricks:
o Environment-friendly
o Low-cost
o Light weight
Special features:
• Clay brick screen wall:
o Uses air pressure differences to draw cool air through the building.
o Provides security and privacy while toying with light and shadow.
• Earthen pots insulation system on roof: Inverted earthen pots are laid on the roof – the air cavity created acts as a barrier to heat transfer. Then a layer of PCC or lime concrete is poured above it to render the roof usable.
• Feelings of openness: A double heighted living space augmented with glass panels and high placed louvres makes use of natural light to keep the space illuminated and use of convection currents to keep the space ventilated.
• Courtyard effect: Courtyards serve as places of leisure, social spaces in the house, as well as keep the house well illuminated and ventilated. The warm air from the adjoining spaces rises up through the courtyard and cool air is drawn into the house through suction effect