New-Build Apartments, Battersea

FIRM: LeLay Architects, London

A visually striking development along Putney Bridge Road facing the Grade II listed Wandsworth Park. The design of the front elevation is deliberately three-dimensional with projecting balconies, bays windows and cantilevered gables inspired by industrial aesthetic and local domestic form. The repeated pattern in the bays and roof scape are equally strong when viewed from across the park.

The new office building is located at the eastern end of the site. It is taller than the remainder of the development, acting as a ‘bookend’ to the long terraces on the south side of the Park and forms a visual ‘stop’ to Northfields street on the eastern side of the Park.

To the rear and against the backdrop of the park, the emphasis is on landscape and informal gardens. Mature trees and dense shrubberies provide habitat for common birds, and the location beside the Thames attracts passing migrants in addition to the resident birds.

Vehicular parking for 44 cars, cycle parking and refuse storage are cleverly concealed below ground. The scheme provides for 27 two and three bedroom flats totalling 2650m² and over 1050m² of commercial B1 space