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PROJECT BY: Ritika Mehta ( @gallopingblack , @coffeebreakdesigner )
COLLEGE: Academy of Architechture
YEAR OF STUDYING : 3rd Year Bachelors
CATEGORY : Architecture Portfolio
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

The design program for the project looks at the context of site selected in Dadar; identifies with its land value and commercial potential, being on a major city road (Gokhale road) and its multifaceted context of programs endorsing multiplicity of functions and user groups. The resulting population density owing to major city anchors such as Siddhivinayak temple and India Bulls office, Shivaji Park are well supported by the transit points in Dadar. The project shall approach the design through 4 aspects of program: Response to Land value through commercial programs, Response to Program through new definitions for Government office setups and working, response to Population Density through engagement with multiscaled user groups, response to Socio-cultural narratives through City anchors in context. All the above responses shall converge individually in Architectural visions for design projects which shall reflect in built+ unbuilt spaces, Government-public functions. The project shall be explored for its feasibility of urban resources and influences to make critical decisions in the realm of architectural urbanism. Optimal use of available potential, forms a crucial factor in the design of buildings in dense and intensely networked urban areas. The layers of existing old and new programs bring forth challenges of urban social character and physical architectural forms, in tandem or in conflict with each other. The Government building as a public institution is significant at Place-scale through its Program; at City-scale through its Outreach and Collaborative value; and at a Globalscale through its Visual form and Iconic identity. In a building that represents Government program, one of the vital components is the Publicness. The activity program dwells on the engagement of people with the concerned government representatives for various purposes of civic nature.