Multifunctional Sport Complex

Archipedia architecture sheet

PROJECT BY:  Vera Morozova
COLLEGE:  Yaroslavl State Technical University
COUNTRY:  Russia
PROJECT TYPE: Product Design
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

Multifunctional sport complex in Yaroslavl, where everyone can find favorite pastime for yourself! On the first level there are basketball hall, mini football hall, gym, trampoline hall, huge climbing wall. By the way, there are sporting goods store and café for visitors. On other levels there are group classes like cycle class, ping pong class on the second level and TRX class, boxing class, pilates class, dance class and children’s class on the third level. Moreover, there are some open play grounds for tennis and volleyball. In plan complex consists of five cubes connected by the glass corridor from visitors can see the park area. Building has two main entrances and car parking for ease of visiting. So, SHAPE YOUR BODY, SHAPE YOUR MIND, SHAPE YOUR LIFE!;)

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