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Mr and Ms Sumit Residence |Grid Property Developers

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Architecture Firm: Grid Property Developers
Project Type: Residential
Project Area: 6,500 sq.ft.
Location: Olive beach road, Injambakkam, East Coast Road, Chennai.
Spaces: Living room, Bed rooms, Dinning, Kitchen.
Status : Completed

The idea for this villa was based on the beachside stilt houses as it related to the site, being close to the beach. Two exposed brick cuboids facing the rising sun are placed on a linear block. Most of the spaces are designed facing a lap pool creating a relaxed ambience -filtering sunlight & channelizing cool breeze into the spaces. In contrast to the busy and compact houses in the city, the designing is such that it ensures a calming experience for the clients and their guests by introducing surprising elements spatially along the spaces. This accentuates the ‘climax’ factor.

The residence has the semi-private spaces on the ground floor while the private spaces are lifted onto the first floor. A landscaped court at the entrance in the South-East ensures that one experiences a cooler space by blocking the harsh west sun and the building’s shadow being cast here. A well-lit passage in the West with French doors and windows overlooking the garden space acts as a climatic barrier for the formal living space with a deck facing the pool. A central double height space with an elemental staircase provides good ventilation and air flow, making sure that the spaces on the first floor remain cool. A sense of contrast has been created in the usage of materials.