Locust Street Market | Architecture Thesis

Project by liam kolstad from
Uw milwaukee, US

My goal for this project was to define the language of the surrounding context and generate a stance that answers to the context. Most importantly my project creates a narrative. below is the description i used in crit. •A Dichotomic Perspective• A symbolic gesture. My marketplace began as an act of synthesizing the immediate neighborhood of Locust and Bremen. I thought about the graffitis dualism between vandalism and art. How does that relate to the aforementioned statement? i decided to make a statement bred in visual tension and addressing the neighborhood and gentrification. This I believe illustrates what honesty looks like in architecture. it enunciates when it speaks of time and communicates something ambiguous and innately human. The neighborhood is art and gentrification is vandalism. The people in this illustration represent the two dualistic ideas. both perception of the neighborhood as a removed individual and as a resident on the tangent of gentrification. the second is an individuals relationship to art and their perceptive differences.

What Aliam kolstad feel about Archipedia ?

I feel that it has a wide array of projects that focus on technically impressive work. the reason i submitted was to get exposure as well as submit work that focuses on a formal philosophy as a means to diversify your feed further

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