Kuruvilla : The Eco-village | Architecture Thesis

Architecture thesis by Annu Anjali
from Birla Institute of technology Mesra

Kuruvilla is an ethnocentric village which gives a retreat space to the people who wants a simple life away from city chaos with the intention of “living the life in the most natural way possible”, developing a society which evolves with nature and work as one. Basically a settlement for the people with different ideology, experience and interests to come together as one and serve as one cult. This project is fruit of the dream of a person. The dream is to go back to the world created for us. To merge the world of men and God. To live the life the way we were supposed to and the way we want to and working on daily basis to sustain the life of contentment for every being on the planet. Building our world within God’s world and not separate from it. To build a world that nurtures God’s creation and not destroy it. To live happy and free, the way God wanted it to be. The way you have always wished it would be. Because what’s the better way to worship God than to preserve and protect his creation.

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What Annu Anjali feel about Archipedia ?

It’s an amazing platform and profile for new architects to learn, explore and share about different projects in the field of architecture. I m glad to know and part of Archipedia.