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NAME: SURYA R (@surya___krishnan [IG] )
COLLEGE – School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai
YEAR – 5th Year B arch
CATEGORY: Urban Design
SITE AREA: Cental distrct in Hong Kong island


“A healthy design corresponds to looking more closely at what we are creating and how it shapes our everyday lives.” A whole flexibility of idea is used to meet the needs of every user in this park.

      Elderly citizens under a shade correlate with lower cortisol (a stress hormone) levels and of course, provided with the feeling of vitality. Therefore, the first space is specially placed to satisfy the needs of elderly citizens, including a ramp for ease of access to the park, who can enjoy calmness by taking a stroll, reading a book from the available library or perhaps enjoy a good game of chess. ‘Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do’, hence the toddlers and kids can also use the space which is made with kid-friendly material.

        A range of trees circumferences, which act as a noise barrier from the urban daily traffic. The next level is followed with a circular red raised platform which acts as a stage and the centre of attention which can be used for people to present themselves with their talent. Bamboo walls – a form of representation of Chinese tradition, surround this area which are used by the artisans and artists to display their works and spread knowledge to others and the convert staircase as stalls to sell their finest works during festivals.

      Hong Kong is known for its big red lanterns, which are hung on this bamboo walls to add vibrance during cultural extravaganzas. The bamboo pavilion which embraces the entire structure, is designed by the dominant light and shade which falls on it. Thus, the morning people can use it as an alley for their fitness activities. Landscape has been widely used to humanize the area around it and attract people to it.

      Moving on to the final level, an existing space is widened to meet the needs. It is designed in the form of a zig-zag pattern and utilizes soft materials to correlate the children’s mindset and to develop their cognitive function in a harmless way. The floor of this level utilizes nets which can be used as a form of play to the children.