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INSIDE-OUT Pods | Architecture Sheets

PROJECT BY: KOMAL PATIL ( @producture_studio [IG] )
FIRM NAME: Producture studio
CATEGORY : Furniture Design
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

As in these pandemic time, where social distancing is implemented affects to our social-urban structure and routine. Which constrains people from various outdoor activities and from physical gatherings. A conceptual design for public seating/urban furniture that can bring people together at public spaces, at the same time keeps them at safe distance and away from each other. Few design specifications are as below :

  • designed as light in weight
  • visual connection with the surrounding and people around
  • transparent shield allows an uninterrupted 360 view
  • designed as fully hygienic, safe, secure and ventilated
  • comfortable and spacious 800mm dia. seating
  • module system of pods can help to adapt all kinds of urban spaces
  • the shape allows to drain water easily
  • further the pods can be inter-connected by audio/video facility.