Hello Yellow, Workspace

Architecture Firm: Humming Tree
Architects: Mohammed Afnan & Arun Shekar
Category: Commercial
Plot Area: 1100 sq.ft
Buildup Area: 2200 sq.ft
Year of Built: 2020
Location: Calicut, Kerala
Architecture Team: Najala, Yaseen, Hashim, Premjith
Client: Limotex
Photography: Justin Sebastian

About the Architects:
Architects : Mohammed Afnan & Arun Shekar

Humming tree is an architectural studio based in Kerala, operating in the fields of architecture and research under the creative direction of the two founders Mohammed Afnan & Arun Shekar.
At Humming tree we believe that architecture and urbanism is about creating a lasting positive impact on our surroundings and our planet. We, therefore, measure our projects on their impact by creating a lasting social, economic, and environmental effect with everything that we take upon us. We always consider our projects in a local, regional, and global context, creating societal value beyond brief and client.

The brief was extremely sharp; that the space was to have two lives. The building should adorn an enjoy-work ethos and to have an exceedingly dynamic space, with heaps of daylight.

The client was after a minimal, outlandish look, so ‘we took inspirations from commercial and art gallery spaces, as opposed to typical office interiors’, says Afnan & Arun founders of Humming Tree.

Limotex is a Construction / Builders company with 4o years of experience in the industry. interiors’, says Afnan & Arun founders of Humming Tree.
Limotex is a Construction / Builders company with 4o years of experience in the industry. As we were approached for our quirky taste in design, this workspace has to be distinguished from other builder’s office which is typically designed keeping exposed materials in mind. Our concept was to have an office space which has a design language of contemporary art galleries. We did not want to make something having complex aesthetics. The office has a linear planning of about 1010 sq.ft, a small workspace, with an amazing sun kissed reception area facing west. Next to it is the waiting lounge with Prussian blue couch dividing the small workspace consisting of 4 workstation table.

Ahead of it is the cabin for manager and a beautiful, mirror reflecting conference room bringing the outdoor greens in making the most of pleasant ambient daylight, which in turn saves a lot of electricity.Working with a concept of having this mustard yellow on all 3 dimensions was a huge tough call and one needs to be bold when making decisions.

However our fav, blue Jeff Koon’s dog, in the reception, balances out the color perfectly, making it look like it’s just straight out of a story book. As soon as one enters the office, they receive a punch of reception area with all it’s 3 dimensions dipped in yellow, this gives a visual delight, a sense
of happy summerness. Moving in, the palette slowly shifts between blacks, whites and a glimpse of green giving the workspace depth. Over all the space just elevates the mood as we happen to say “Hello Yellow!“

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