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Exploring the Parallels between Architecture and Photography – An Extension Wing of an existing Arts School | Architectural sheets

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 112
PROJECT BY: Mishal Siddiqui (@archaestheto [IG] )
COLLEGE: NED University of Engineering & Technology
YEAR OF STUDYING : Practicing Architect
CATEGORY : Institutional
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

An exploratory study of the relevance between the two fields; Architecture and Photography is carried out to examine the overlapping possibilities between the two, where they coincide and benefit each other, and analyze the possibilities of translating the characteristics of a 2-dimensional artistic presentation into an effective 3-dimensional achievement.
The inspiration of Photographic techniques in architecture shall be used in order to represent a sequential architectural experience, such as, spaces enriched with the varying ingress of natural light and the formation of shadows as an artistic subject in the design, providing framed views and vistas of the natural environment as well as fabricated, providing focal points in the design along the intersection points of the working grid, in order to highlight major spaces of the design as the main subject, designing spaces with varying visual and perceptual experience, and incorporating various levels in the design.
The designed space shall be the extension wing of an existing arts school, providing BFA in Photography and Imaging, Continuing Education Program (CEP), Workshops and Diploma Programs. Divided into 3 blocks i.e. admin, faculty, and academic facilities. Along with this, commercial galleries included as a separate block for expanding the recognition of arts in the context. Hence, the designed space tends to offer greater opportunities and exploration for the students who wish to undertake photographic studies as a source of establishing a professional career with greater avenues of study and representation, the whole journey within the premises becoming the source of learning in itself.