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Experience Cricket Museum and Virtual Cricket Center | Architectural Sheets

PROJECT BY: Vivek Yadav ( @v_i_vv_e_k and )
COLLEGE: Pillai Hoc College of Architecture
YEAR OF STUDYING :Practicing Architect
CATEGORY : Recreational
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

The basic aim of an experienced museum is to provide an interactive experience to the visitors and maintain a flow in every aspect such as the hierarchy of spaces, circulation, lighting, scale and keep the visitors engaged with the museum experience right from the entrance in the site. Although conceptually and by technology the topic is justified, the architectural approach and the connect with the visitors is a major challenge. Thus, starting from the entrance it certainly would consist of a huge entrance foyer, the point from where most of the attractions of the museum would be transparent and visible. The hierarchy of the spaces and galleries would maintain the flow of the users commencing with a timeline theatre which would portray the rich history of cricket case of the vertical circulation the staircases, lifts, and escalators would be zoned along the major circulation of the visitors to maintain the flow and engagement with the museum throughout the journey of the structure. The virtual cricket experience introduced would consist of a studio-(dimensions and shape as per study and design evolution) in which every surface of the studio internally would act as screens through projections, the every surface would require a projection room and working space. An arena lobby would be zoned in the gaming center for interaction and screening of the visitors experiencing the studio experience. To cater the fan parks, an amphitheatre would be designed with some landscape elements. Since a major amount of public gathering and accumulation can occur in these museums, the size of the lobby spaces and circulation space would be larger.