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Evaluation of the contribution of public space and its fortification: Insights from the urban tissue of Chania, Greece

Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 140
PROJECT BY:Petros Fouskas, Naya Kyriakopoulou
(pfousk Πέτρος Φούσκας, nayakyriakop Νάγια Κυριακοπούλου)
COLLEGE: Technical University of Crete
YEAR OF STUDYING : 5th Year Bachelors
CATEGORY : Urban Design
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

This study aims to introduce updated interventions in the historical city of Chania, Greece. The study area mostly covers the southwest region of the old city where the “Lando” bastion is located. Our proposal respects the historic palimpsest of the area and the preexisting building environment, but at the same time highlights a new perspective that follows the needs of the modern city of Chania (e.g., traffic, access, public spaces). A number of small projects can develop the “bridge” of the historic structures with the modern environment. In particular, the replacement of the street, that connects the area with the new city, with a bridge to restore the continuity of the moat, the creation of a new descent to the moat from the main street and the demolition of a building between the south side of the wall and the street in order to build a canopy that will serve the bus stop and municipal information booth, are proposed. The bridge has been treated as a sculptural object in the empty space of the moat, while keeping distance from the wall. Moreover, operations around the perimeter of the bastion in order to create active public spaces are included in this study. Finally, an underground open space at the bastion can be constructed. The design expresses a dual character as not only it maintains the visual connection of the bastion to historical buildings and natural elements of the territory, but also it creates a new space isolated from the city, which can serve multiple public needs. This dual character also appears in the architecture of this space since it both follows the form of the bastion and it contrasts with its spiral construction with a more pure and clear proposal.