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Doomsday Bunker | Architecture Sheets

PROJECT BY : Niharika Verma ( @thegypsypulse @niharikaverma18 )
COLLEGE NAME : Pearl Academy
YEAR OF STUDYING : 4th Year Bachelors
CATEGORY : Residential
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

Since the very first humans that have lived on Earth, caves and underground dwellings have provided the safety, security and warmth needed to survive. The paranoia stemming from war, especially nuclear, pandemic and natural disaster is all time high and rising by the day. Keeping the current scenario in mind, the plan extends beyond stocking up just hand sanitizers and face masks. Therefore going back to the history of underground dwellings, to make a doomsday bunker seems like something we can not do without.Hence, taking this opportunity my idea is to recreate the dark and hollow experience of a doomsday bunker into a futuristic and dynamic one. Providing maximum comfort without compromising on the security. White color, curved shapes and the indirect lighting which goes through all the areas, convey the sensation of calm and balance. The entrance to the bunker is via an all-white corridor, where strips of light are reflected to create the illusion of a never-ending grid.