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Corporate training and employee skill develepment center | Architectural Sheets

PROJECT BY: Ritika Mehta ( @gallopingblack , @coffeebreakdesigner )
COLLEGE: Academy of Architechture
YEAR OF STUDYING : 3rd Year Bachelors
CATEGORY : Architecture Portfolio
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

Hitech City is a predominantly Commercial & Corporate Program zone with large densities of corporate employees. There’s very little that has been offered as a standardized, structured, neutral support system to the welfare of employees besides the individual program by each corporate establishment. The structure, both physically and programmatically impacts the urban fabric in various aspects; social, cultural and economic. There are two primary types of users that need to be catered to – Employees rigorously working towards bettering their prospects by engaging with career advancing and work skills enhancement programs and also employees who tend to feel stressed out and frustrated under the pressure of such set-ups. In both circumstances they explore possibilities of new set-ups offering support values. A State operated program for such support shall come with its own validity and acceptance value which shall further the potential of an employee who engages with it. This requirement is an opportunity to institutionalize such an emotive need of the employees. The program of the structure caters to both the types of user groups; frustrated and ambitious, and balances the emotional quotient of the society. This project explores the various spatial expressions of an emotive scale.