Corporate Office Design | Architecture Thesis

Title : Corporate Office Design
Category : Institutional
Area : 0 to 10 acres
Designed By : Praveen Kumar K
College Name : Mohammed Sathak Aj Academy Of Architecture
Year of Studying : 5th Year
Country : India

To design a corporate office complex ( multistorey structure) for a brand (Light Motor Vehicle or Heavy Motor Vehicle ) with a thrust on issues like urban land economics, technology and ecology. It is crucial to learn to inculcate the importance of services integration and construction in spatial planning in the context of design of high-rise buildings and service intensive buildings and also highlight on the importance of high rise buildings in today’s skyline.

What Praveen Kumar think about Archipedia!

This Just Inspiring Archipedia lets me to know about worlds current architecture which are spreaded through social media. Its useful for young designers to have references and key of arch features.