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Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 104
PROJECT BY: Praveen shivakumar  (mr_lonely_sapiens [IG] Praveen Pacifier[FB] )
COLLEGE: Measi Academy of Architecture, Chennai
 Year Bachelors
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

The Centre for Art will be a progressive contemporary place that is a center for innovation, community engagement, and Dialogue.
The design focusses on…..
Experimenting and exploring forms. Understanding the spatial proportion and scale. Creating an iconic and expressive design.
The facility will…
• Exhibit contemporary and historical art, culture based displays and installations-share/discuss /engage in a dialogue with the visitors.The displays will be of permanent and temporary in nature.
• Educate through a wide range of educational programs for both children and adults. • Engage through a range of public programs and activities.
• Generate revenue through programming, membership, venue rental, art rental program, shop , and food services.
• Celebrate/socialize through the provision of a vibrant community place for Gathering indoors and outdoors.
Used by…
Artists (sculptors including) conduct exhibitions,lectures,presentations,discussions
. The premise administrators.-The managing trustee, Treasurer and office bearers. The support staffs-Office admin, Event management crew, Maintenance crew.
The general public-Professionals, general public-Young and old. Spaces and their capacity…. Exhibition spaces that can facilitate exhibiting art works, sculptural entities in different formats-wall hanging, suspended, floor mounted displays.
A permanent exhibition area that displays art,cultural artefacts etc. A rolling exhibit space-where various artists display their works for a specific period. Seminar/lecture space for conducting seminars, presentations and discussions(capacity-100 ppl).
Workshops/Studios for conducting different types of workshops and design studio sessions on art (capacity-50 people).with auxiliary spaces for storing equipments ,furnitures etc,the workshop and studio can be separate stand-alone spaces too.
A retiring space for the resource persons(2 rooms with toilets). Admin area for office and event related administrative activities.Cabins for trustee,treasurer and a couple of office bearers. Board room/Conference room for conducting meetings and conferences(20 members).
Small discussion room(4 members).