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Bus station project with a capacity of 100 people in the city of Bryansk | Architecture sheet

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PROJECT BY:  Kristina Viktorovna Biryukova
COLLEGE:  ОГУ им. И. С. Тургенева
AREA: 10 to 50 acres
CATEGORY:  Architecture Model
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Architecture Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

Bus station project with a capacity of 100 people in the city of Bryansk

According to the assignment, a bus station for 100 passengers was designed. Under the designed building was selected
territory near the railway junction in the city of Bryansk. This location provides convenient
functioning of communication lines of buses, both suburban and transit.
The entrance of visitors and the entrance of service personnel are decided from the opposite facades. The entrance of visitors.

Designed internal load-bearing walls made of 380 mm thick brickwork, partitions
have a thickness of 150 mm. In this building, a ceiling is designed consisting of reinforced concrete slabs.
The roof is flat, protecting the building from atmospheric precipitation. The slope of the roof is 1.5-3%.
The storey of the building is two floors, the floor height is 3.3 m.
The exterior and interior of the building are made in a modern style.
The total area of ​​the building is 645.9 m2.

What Kristina feel about Archipedia

I think Archipedia is a great site where everyone can show what they can do in architecture.