Breaking Walls Building Bridges

Master Architecture Sheets

COLLEGE: University of Malaya
COUNTRY: Malaysia
AREA: 0 to 10 acres
Year Of Studying / Experience : 1st Year Master’s
CATEGORY: Cultural

Architecture fundamentally as a shelter that protects us from uncertain of nature. From time to time, it rather become an envelope of separation that segregates people from people, human from nature, and specifically in this case, youngster from elder. I’ve always wonder how architecture is capable to play an alternative role that connects rather than separate. . This project is my attempt to address this pre-existed dilemma, correspondence to its brief as a ‘clubhouse for the once young, and the young ones’ that bridge the generations gap, the underlying chasm of misunderstood and miscommunication. The most basic idea are always ignited by complex of issues, opportunities and existing entities. For this project, it was prior to the community and people. The project brief as an active senior citizen clubhouse did not resonates to me, which I felt it left out the critical part to engage with the locals living around. It sounds merely a clubhouse offers exclusive privileges and services particularly target the group of retired folks. . How irony was, the local community is mostly comprises of low income group of people, that hardly afford costly clubhouse services. Meanwhile, they actually demand rather a recreational park on the existing site. The voice of community shall never be silenced, and as a student undertaking this project I shall impose certain change too. I rethink the architecture as an intervention for the neighborhood, or an extensive masterplanning that reaches out it’s boundary to actually connects with its surrounding entities and context. The urban footbridge itself as a social and green infrastructure, is envisioning to reconnect people with people, people with nature, realizing an integrated system where the architecture as pivotal channel. The unexpected encounters of daily routine among different communities and generations, shall subconsciously rebuild the empathy, inclusivity and understanding which we lost in current urbanism. . “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Issac Newton

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