Arts and Crafts Centre | Architectural Sheets

PROJECT BY:Maheen Mohiuddin ( @maheenmohiuddin )
COLLEGE: NED University of Engineering and Technology
Year Bachelors
CATEGORY : Commercial
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

The concept of the design has developed following the analysis of the history of Lyari and the gradual development in the society being reinvigorated by the awakening of young artists, photographers, writers, sportsmen, and social activists. It is true that Lyari reverberated with gun fire sounds and people of Lyari were almost enslaved under the influence of gang-war and no social activities could be attempted then with ease. Now, that the situation has improved, the people of Lyari need a lively, interactive communal space where they can channelize and appreciate their creative energies, and come together as a community while enjoying the openness and transparency of the spaces. The linear form is derived from the contrasting perceptions of Lyari when noticed from afar and when one gets nearby it; the contradistinction of isolation and exposure