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Archeo-heritage tourist centre,Dholavira | Architecture Sheets

COLLEGE: Pillai hoc college of architecture
PRACTICE : Practicing Architect
CATEGORY : Cultural
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

This study focuses and explores the perception of cultural heritage with respect to urban content.
In a world of increasingly universal and replicated architecture, the heritage areas within the cities are pockets with deep historical settings and meaning attached to them. They provide additional dimensions, giving them a sense of place and identity.

Architectural heritage creates better places, affects society and it can even have a role in making a place civilised and active by making community more liveable as a social catalyst. The project explores the concept of cultural heritage in state of Gujarat, and tries to enhance and create awareness among the people increasing its tourism factor.
The idea is to create a complex centre which can throw lights on cultural heritage or Gujarat, creates awareness among the people about heritage, culture, tradition and how much important it is to preserve our old bones with bringing new life in them.