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Archi Display Festival 2020 Entry 65
PROJECT BY: Mahmoud Bghdadi
  (@mahmoudbghdadi [IG] )
Architecture Firm: Ecorizon
CATEGORY: Commercial
PROJECT TYPE: Studio Design Sheets
PUBLISHED BY: Archipedia

People are constantly bombarded with fast-moving, visual information in today’s environment. Their minds are constantly distracted by having to process information with demands for personal technology skyrocketed thus creating a society disconnected from the physical world around them. In addition to technological pollution, air pollution has become the occurring issue that lead to rationalization of this TOD project. Combating air pollution through this type of projects are vital as it is not dependent on private cars but rather on public transportation for mobility and survival. This project can be an optimal solution to the ever complicated, pressing problem of climate change and global energy by creating communities that minimize the need for driving and energy consumption. This type of project can reduce driving by up to 85% through compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented and mixed-use communities around high-quality train systems. Hence, reducing air pollution. In addition to the project’s aesthetically pleasing facade that engages the user at a deeper level while still centred on the theme of ‘Placemaking’, this project serves as a forum for uniting all architectural spaces to enhanced first-hand, the user’s senses by exploring design that evokes thoughts and creativity.

The proposed project introduces innovative solution forfuture retails. The method is to provides better stimulation of the products which serve as marketing solution by scanning barcodes from large screens and buying it virtually thus minimising the spaces allocated for showroom. After purchasing, the order will be transferred to the warehouse, where it will be packed, moved and collected from pickup points located at ground floor with restaurants to compliment. To be in fast track of future autonomous industry surrounding TOD projects, drone delivery is introduced. The drone can depart from a drone pad and come back through a lift that goes all the way to a drone bay. A ‘High Street’ for the community commercial support that provides a creative platform for community to exhibit and sell with connecting LRT station through pedestrian sky walkway is proposed. Proper station for E-Bike, So Car and pedestrian friendly atmosphere are available to reflect the project. Based on urban study, the project responds sensitively to the surrounding neighbourhood, offices, and educational zones with programs and activities catered with great consideration.

Green Building aspects:
The main interior spaces have been arranged along the north and south parameter to provide sufficient daylight. Specific spaces have been simulated using Design Builder software under Kuala Lumpur climate data files. The result shows sufficient day light across more than 60% of the spaces. With the effect of cross and stack ventilation systems, plans are designed to purposely create wind tunnels that maximize the natural ventilation. In addition, by locating the void at the wind direction flow, outdoor area can be naturally ventilated to help the users reach thermal comfort level needed. Moreover, reducing parking by up to 50% due to the location of the site, not only reduce heat island effect but overall project cost.